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" (also referred to as "Kamalu" or "Kamanu") is the name of a deity that is responsible for the administration of justice and law in Igbo society. Relevant only in southern Igboland, the Amadioha cult originated in Ahoada, in what is now Rivers State, and is said to have its physical headquarters at Ozuzu, a town in the Etche district of Rivers State.

Amadioha is often perceived as a malevolent deity that upholds the ethics and morals of society. Cases are brought to its shrines, which are scattered throughout southern Igboland, and it always passes fair judgment, never inflicting pain or suffering on the innocent. It inflicts punishment on evil-doers oftentimes in the forms of lightning strikes and sudden deaths. In the event of communal disasters such as floods, famines, and plagues, it would be believed that the community's sins had incurred the wrath of Amadioha. Diviners would be summoned to perform cleansing rituals and sacrifices that would abate the god's anger.



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