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In Igbo cosmology, the concepts of 'Ofo' (also known in other dialects as 'Ovo' and 'Owho') and 'Ogu' represent cosmic forces that govern the administration of law and justice in human society. Ofo na Ogu (Ofo and Ogu) are neither deities nor spirits, but are universal constants, much like gravity, which attend to the needs of the righteous.

Igbo culture, stressing the need for uprightness, presents Ofo na Ogu as forces which can be called upon in prayer by individuals in times of need. Were an individual to justly seek retribution after being wronged, he would call upon Ofo as his witness. At the same time, were an individual to be accused falsely for an act or deed which he did not commit, he would call upon the aid of Ogu.

Invoking these forces was a serious matter which had equally serious implications and was only advisable after one had thoroughly confirmed that "his hands were clean". Individuals who falsely invoked these forces died swift and abominable deaths.



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