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Biafran Awareness Month

The month of May is#BiafranAwarenessMonth. Unfortunately, the story of Biafra, as crucial as it is to understanding Nigerian and Igbo history, is a story which remains untold to the vast majority of modern Nigerian youth and young adults. Educational institutions throughout the country make no attempt whatsoever to incorporate it into their curricula, and as was seen by its reaction to the release of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s “Half of a Yellow Sun” (a film which is set during the war), the Nigerian government, as well as the media, sees Biafra as an issue that is best “swept under the rug” and bottled away forever, ignoring the pressing need for dialogue and discussion that will facilitate a nationwide healing process.

In honor of the toil and sacrifice of the millions of Biafrans that perished in the genocide of the Nigerian-Biafran War, Igbo History will dedicate this month to posting new and relevant information, in an attempt to perpetuate a greater sense of awareness in the African and greater world community. Last year, Igbo History embarked on an attempt to chronologically narrate the conflict in a series called “The Biafra Story”, which can be searched via the hashtag#BiafranAwarenessMonth.

Ha si ha lie anyi na ndu, mana ha amaghi na anyi ga ami ka mkpuru!

-“They tried to bury us alive, but they didn’t know we would sprout like seeds!”



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