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In some aspects, the Igbo today have evolved and acclimated to new ways of life brought about by modernization. The hunt for modern means of employment and Western education have driven a large number of the Igbo outside of their traditional homeland and to all corners of the world. Many of these Diasporans return home regularly to their towns and villages to celebrate Christian and traditional festivals with their families, and participate in the period of festivities and jubilation from December to early January known as "Oge Nme Nme".

To offer a glance into the evolution of modern Igbo society, Igbo History will be reposting snapshots and videos of masquerades, local historical sites, and cultural festivals throughout Igboland submitted via the hashtag#Igbohistory2015

Please be sure to include the name of the festival, dance, or masquerade you submit, as well the location. Bikonu, only crisp photos and clear, audible video!#igbohistory



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