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Onitsha Women Clothing

Captured in this photograph is the mystic elegance of an elderly Igbo noblewoman from Onitsha. Clothed in symbols of status and prominence such as the fly-whisk, which hangs draped on her right shoulder, the 'odu' (elephant tusk ivory bracelets) which grace her ankles and wrists, the coral 'asi onu' (necklaces), the 'akupe' (hand fan), which she clamps in her right hand, and the 'akwa ocha' (white wrapper) which is tied around her waist, she leads a group of fellow noblewomen as they mourn in a funeral dance.

These title prerogatives highlight the beauty and grandeur of the female title-taking institutions that exist in Igboland. The 'Otu Odu' (meaning 'Elephant Society') of Onitsha is a class of wealthy noblemen and noblewomen who command significant influence over the politics and culture of the community.


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