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Unu Alakwa Azu o: an Elder's Lament

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

"Unu alakwa azu o!" (Do not become regressive!) -An Onye Ichie (elder) of the Ehugbo people sends an ominous message to the youth, expressing the collective anger and disdain borne by members of his generation towards the startling lack of interest for preserving cultural heritage and participating in traditional art forms exhibited by younger generations. In the late 20th century, widespread apathy amongst the youth regarding traditional issues, resulting from religious and economic catalysts, has resulted in the disappearance of numerous cultural relics amongst the Igbo people. If unabated, this trend threatens to cause a mass cultural extinction throughout the African continent, as westernization becomes the order of the day. "Lugulu Masquerade" -Afikpo, Nigeria. c. 1993



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