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The Biafra Story: Part One

"The Biafra Story: Part One"

In the early hours of January 15, 1966, Chukwuma "Kaduna" Nzeogwu, a Kaduna-born Major of Igbo extraction (hailing from the Ika sub-group of the Igbo people in what is now Delta State), led a small group of radical military officers and successfully performed the first coup d'état of Nigerian history. By the end of that day, he and several other officers had succeeded in simultaneously gaining control of the four regional capitals of the Nigerian federation.

The coup was the military's response to the unbearably-high levels of corruption, tribalism, bigotry and incompetence of the six-year-old civilian government and ushered Nigeria into an era of military rule and uncertainty.

It resulted in the death of several politicians who were deemed by the military to be counter-productive to the country' progress. Unfortunately, however, most of those killed were of Northern extraction.





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