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The Biafra Story: Part Ten

"The Biafra Story: Part Ten"

As fighting penetrated deep into the Igbo heartland, captured Biafran soldiers and civilians suffered appalling abuses at the hands of Federal troops. On many occasions, loathsome Nigerian soldiers simply annihilated entire villages with machine gun fire or maimed and executed entire military-aged male populations.

The young Biafran [child] soldiers shown in this picture were part of company that was captured by Nigerian troops, who proceeded to cripple and blind them. Unfortunately, today, disabled Biafran soldiers can be found begging on roadsides and public areas, as there are no measures or programs set up by the Nigerian government to attend to their welfare. Although private organizations such as Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo, the premiere Pan-Igbo political organization, have set up facilities dedicated to attending to the needs of veterans and ex-Biafran soldiers, much more needs to be done.





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