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The Biafra Story: Part Thirteen

"The Biafra Story: Part Thirteen"

The level of ingenuity displayed by the Biafrans during the thirty months of the war has yet to be achieved by an modern African country. Devoid of all contact from a world which seemed to be indifferent towards their plight, the Biafrans were forced to develop clever solutions to the many problems they faced.

In need of weapons, people built mini forgeries in their backyards and melted down metal valuables to produce guns and ammunition; scientists devised efficient methods to drill and refine petroleum; and most chilling of all, Biafran military engineers invented deadly explosives device known as "ogbunigwe" (which the Nigerians referred to as "Ojukwu Rockets"). With the help of mercenaries and volunteer pilots from European and African countries, the Biafrans were capable of organizing a small Air Force - a feat which caught the world by surprise. Gabon, Biafra's closest ally, assembled and supplied Biafra with five MFI-9B planes nicknamed "Biafra Babies". The photograph above shows pilots of the Biafran Air Force posing before scrambling for an air raid.




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